Will the Nova cover everything from the DD-20? more?


Do you have a DD-20?

If so, but a new Nova from someplace like MF so that you can have time to compare them. I returned my Nova and gladly kept the DD-20. It just wasn't for me, too hi-fi and I didn't car for the bypassed tone.

Just saying, you gotta find out for yourself if you'll like it or not.

My next delay will be a Time Factor at 20% off MF - myabe I'll buy up 2 or 3 of them, many as I can get with this coupon I got.


I still have both the Nova and the DD-20.

First impressions had me wanting to sell off the Nova quickly.
I did find certain things it did well and different than the DD-20, enough to hang on to it just because I'm a delay freak, but still willing to sell if someone is interested...

I still overall prefer the DD-20 though because of its on the fly/live flexability. I also really especially like the "modulation" tones.

I too am curious on the Time Factor...
I have both. Was surprised that the Nova didn't kill the DD20. The Nova does do very good Edge and is certainly more hi-fi. The DD20 is more versatile and has (IMO) better tape mode and analog, or just is easier to use. Well, both are easy. I find myself sticking to the DD20 on shows and the nova for rehearsals and home use.

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