Will This Mod Work On My Tremolo Pedal?

Able Grip

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I have a 4 knob Voodoo Lab Tremolo. The first knob is "Intensity" which is or acts like a blend knob.

I would like to add a switch that would let me turn the Intensity knob on or off. So if I have the intensity set to 5, when I click to switch it would bypass that knob, or set it to zero. This would let me turn the trem on or off but keep the pedal on.

The reason I want this is the last knob is volume. I like to use the trem pedal as a boost. It is also is apparently based on an old amp trem circuit. I find it adds a nice character to the tone, even when the trem is blended out, but the pedal is on.

Is it doable?


Astronaut FX

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You know, that's a great idea. So many tremolo pedal makers include as part of their marketing that the pedal can also be used as a nice boost...why not include a footswitch to allow just that? Please update this with a demo if you end up doing it.

Alchemy Audio

I have one of these at the shop. It nails that Blackface Fender tremolo sound. I'll have to open it up and see how much room is inside for an additional switch.


I think bbrunskill has the right idea, although I don't think the switch would need to go to a trimmer. Either just nothing or a fixed value.

Or, another -albeit excessive- option might be to build a clone with the boost section separate, with it's own toggle switch so you can have it on all the time, and then just have the foot switch for the tremolo. Although, that's assuming there's nothing in the tremolo part of the circuit that's imparting something to the tone of the boost.

This is purely conjecture by the way, I've never built anything more elaborate than fuzz.


That is a good idea.
Lately I have been using an EA Tremelo, that I built about 10 years ago, as a boost and it sounds very nice through my Champ and 1482.

I just turn the depth to zero but a switch would be nice and is definitely doable.


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The concept has merit. I used a VD trem primarily as a boost for a while. I would just reach down and twist the intensity knob up when I needed the effect. The boost work just right to eliminate the perceived volume drop of the effect. Same strategy with an Internal trimpot for R9 on a TR2.


In theory (not having seen the schematic for this specific pedal), shorting out lugs 1 and 2 (the ccw and wiper) should mimic what the pot does when you turn it fully off. So if there's room for another switch in the pedal, a simple SPST might be all you need (unless you also want an LED, in which case you'd need a DPDT). If you regularly alternate between using the pedal as a tremolo and a boost, it could be a nice addition.

However, if you plan on using the new switch (instead of the regular footswitch) to turn the tremolo on/off, be aware that the perceived volume loss with the tremolo running will be back. The reason the VL tremolo works so well is because it can slightly boost the level of the effected state, a feature you'll of course lose when you leave it on 100% of the time.

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