Willie Mitchell RIP


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Crap...he was quite the legend.

One of the first songs I ever learned to play was "20-75".

RIP sir.

Dana Olsen

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RIP Willie - Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" is one of the greatest tunes ever, IMHO!

We appreciate the great arrangements through the years - "Soul Serenade" is wonderful too.

Thanks, Dana O.


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Willie created a very special place in music. His work with Al Green and others helps define Memphis soul as much as any of the other giants from that town during it's golden age.

We're still listening to and loving records he produced, some major songs that he also co-wrote.

Love that big tom-tom sounding snare from Al Jackson, the very tasty use of the horns (and strings), the simple and perfect guitar parts ... and the magic he was able to pull out of the vocalists, especially Rev. Al. And those records were totally 'dry,' a very 70s-yet-timeless signature sound.

Thanks, Willie.

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