Sold Winfield Cyclone matching head and 2x10 cab in black


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Hi all, this is for LOCAL PICKUP ONLY in the Philadelphia Western suburbs. Sorry, no exceptions. NO TRADES please. This is a cash crunch sale.

Winfield Cyclone matching head and 2x10 cab in black. The head is near mint as is the cab, except for 4 small holes on the left side where the bottom feet were moved by the previous owner, and then returned to the bottom. Cab has the stock Winfield Eminence which kill with this amp. I prefer them over both Celestion Blue and Weber Alnico Silver Bell (both of which I tried).

Only selling this to fund a vintage purchase for my studio. I intend to replace one day as this is the "AC15" style amp of choice for me. The best I have heard or played through, and yet it also has a voice of it';s own.

Will post pics tonight, but it looks exactly like the ones pictured at Rainbow music.
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