Winter 2007 TGP Pedalboard Competition - Large Board GROUP #2

Best Large Board - Group #2

  • JofZ

  • Guitar Josh

  • Jungleman

  • RDM

  • Rackdoctor

  • Armoredfist316

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I love super clean boards (as the wiring is the toughest part) and everyone in this group did a remarkable job.

I had to vote for Rackdocter... TS808, Script Phase 90 AND an ECHOPLEX?!

Nicely done!

its a MM4 that i painted. The sunrise is a GGG modded screamer, the brown is a modded large beaver, and the footswitches in the front control my amps (the middle black on is an a/b/y). I run in stereo so the mm4, echo park, zilla, and dd-20 go in both amps effects loops and the rest get split via the a/b/y. The rotovibe on the left is actually an exp pedal for the mm4.

I gotta say this is an awesome group of boards!!

Andy J.

I'm digging Jungleman's blend of DIY, boutique and cheap-o mass-produced! ...besides, a li'l patriotism never hurt anyone, right? ;)

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