Wired Magazine article on Z Vex's new "Inventobox" pedal

Bobby D

Senior Member
quoted from article:

"The pedals, with their sparkling, brightly painted cases and bizarre names, are considered high-end curios"

that about covers it!


Open source?
So when the next great player is found using this for all or part of his/her tone, there will be no way to say exactly just what that is..............
It is nothing and everything all right. It is open source and the great black curtain as well.

Marshalls Law

I wanted to revive this thread as I just received an email from Zvex saying to get ready for this new pedal...

For someone like me this has 0 appeal. I'm not one of these DIY pedal makers who is interested in messing with wires to find a decent tone.

Not sure who this appeals to on here but I prefer my pedals to be finished when I buy them.

This is weird concept but I gather he must know his market and people must be asking for something like it....

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