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I work at an inpatient psychiatric hospital. The other psychologists and I are looking for wireless headphones for our respective floors/units. The ones we currently have are wireless AM/FM Radio. We currently have two types of headphones: the old ones cut in-and-out even next to windows and the new ones are uncomfortable. However, music is one of the most effective self-soothing tools and I'd really like to find some new options.

Here are the specs:
- They have to be wireless (no dangerous parts).
- They have to be affordable (ideally around $20 a pair, maybe I could argue for $40
- Durable

  • We have wifi, but it is somewhat shoddy, specifically it tends to kick devices off regularly except PC's and some iPhones.
  • Bluetooth might reach from the nurses station to the lounge (or maybe some sort of Bluetooth hub could sit in the TV stand?). But I'd like to be able to have multiple patients listening to whatever music they like (my guess is bluetooth would connect to one headphone and/or one source of music).
  • I don't know of any headphones that would connect to something like XM radio or Pandora. If those exist, they are probably out of my price range.
  • Maybe better radio headphones? Any suggestions? Would you go with digital or analog in an old, brick building (the lounges and bedrooms all have windows)?


Not sure if these would work for you but i was just given a pair. A little more than you want to spend but they're on sale right now, and you can buy additional headsets. They do have a wired connection to the source, though, but have a decent range.
Edit: tried to link but was showing an amazon ad. Search amazon for sennheiser rs120.

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