Wiring 5-way Telecaster (Wide range + single coil)

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    Apr 14, 2010
    Hey guys,
    Apologies if a similar topic has come up. I'm building a guitar with a Telecaster deluxe/custom type of pick-up configuration. Wide range humbucker (Telenator MOD1) and single coil in the bridge. However this is a 2-knob deal for volume/tone and this is where I need help. I'd like to have a 5-way strat-like selector w/ out-of-phase options and maybe incorporate some push/pull pots since there are only 2 knobs. What is the best way to wire this? Is there anything I'm missing or could this work some other way? Any caps or transistors needed? I'm also thinking pots should be 250k, right?

    Thanks so much guys!

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