wiring a darkburst pickup.....me idiota

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  1. pepperco

    pepperco Member

    May 25, 2004
    Thee Twin Cities

    I got a new darkburst pickup, I am going to replace
    a 57 classic, how do I wire it up?

    The 57 classic has only a black wire and a ground.
    The black wire goes to the volume pot lug, and the
    braided cover wire goes to the volume pot caseing.

    The new darkburst pickup has a red and black wire
    AND the braided ground wire on the outside.
    How do I use the extra wire? Where does it go ?

    I am guessing the braided ground AND the red go
    to the volume pot caseing? And the black goes to
    the volume pot lug?

    One extra wire and I turn into an idjit.

    THANKS !!!!
  2. suhr_rodney

    suhr_rodney Supporting Member

    Nov 27, 2005
    Blue Ridge Mountains
    From one idjit to unuther... braid to ground... certainly. The other two depend on the polarity of your current pickups. Start with red to hot and black to ground. If the Darkburst is out of phase with your other pickup then reverse the black and red wires.
  3. Jim Wagner Pickups

    Jim Wagner Pickups Member

    Jun 3, 2004
    Soulsbyville, CA
    That is correct, and is also why I use 2 conductor + ground. You can then do what you want polarity-wise, and even hook those wires from one of the pickups to a push-pull switch. Then in the selector switch's middle position, you have the option of in or out of phase with a switch, instead of a soldering iron. And by doing so, you then have 4 tonal choices instead of one in the middle position....:)

    (I saw this thread by accident. Didn't see a letter from you, but will look again to be sure it is not in the bulk mail on the server...;-)
  4. pepperco

    pepperco Member

    May 25, 2004
    Thee Twin Cities

    Jim, the message I sent to you was a PM here at the GP.
    You can ignore it now !!

    I wired it up with the black and the braided sheath to
    the ground on the pot, and the red to the lug on the
    volume knob.

    I think my middle position may be out of phase, but
    I'm going to leave it like that. I never use anything
    but the bridge pickup on this particular guitar.
    And I just may use the middle position now, if I can
    get a wacky but useable out of phase sound.

    Kind of hard for me to tell what it sounds
    like in my stupid apartment....but tomorrow
    at the rehearsal space.....:dude
    I will be dialing it in.

    thanks again !!
  5. Guitar Dave T

    Guitar Dave T Member

    May 15, 2006
    Living In The Palace Of The King, Big D of DFW
    OT, sort of - HEY JIM!!!!

    I put that Darkburst/Crossroads combo in my LP Standard, gigged with it Satuday & took it to a jam this evening. HOLY SH*T! Will post a full review in another thread...

    BTW: Thanks for your help Friday!

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