Wiring a Les Paul Jimmy Page style (2 wire HB)

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  1. jtai

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    Feb 5, 2015
    Hi guys,
    So I picked up a very nice 1997 Epiphone Les Paul Custom last month and I want to rewire it. I'm sticking with the original pickups and volume pots but I want to change the rear pots to push/push. The plan is to wire it similarly to the Jimmy Page style wiring.

    The kicker is that the original pickups are 2 wire (white wire is hot and bare wire is ground) and not 4 wire. I know that coil split/tap isn't possible with 2 wire (which is why I'm using the original pots for volume), but how would I go about wiring up the pickups and pots to get the phase control and series/parallel switching? Also, I was also looking at reversing the switch as the default for the push/push switch is on when pushed in.

    Please help,

    Jimmy Page Wiring:

    Best diagram I could find for 2 wire humbucker wiring:
  2. walterw

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    Oct 16, 2006
    No series/parallel either, unless you're putting one entire pickup in series with the other (something the JP wiring didn't do and would likely be nothing but mud).

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