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I'm going to re-wire my RW necked H-H PuP Warmoth LPS, which has a Strat control config and want to do the following:

1> Shredder bridge with split.

2> Kent Armstrong P-90

I would really like be able to wire the 5-way > bridge full/bridge-split/bridge-split with neck parallel/bridge-split with neck series?/neck, but haven't found a switch that will do it.

I really don't want a push-pull split (tophat knobs are hard to pull!) and wouldn't mind using a 3-way switch and a rotary switch to split the Shredder >humbucking/series/parallel/?

Any experience/ideas? :p


A fairly easy way of splitting and phasing your pups is like Ibanez used on their Musician line. They used a three-way toggle to select the pup (s) and two additional three-way switches to split and phase the pups:


Simple, yet effective! Coupled with the active bass,mid,treble tone controls, volume control,and gain, it is an awesome instrument in terms of tonal possibilities. The damn thing weight in at 10 lbs., however!


You can do it with a DP5T switch like this one:


I don't know the colour codes or magnetic polarities of the Shredder, but let's assume a Seymour Duncan (just find the equivalence with your pu) and that the coil that cancels hum with the P90 is the inner one (see below for the other option). Wire like this (the numbers correspond to the switch lugs, from top to bottom):

1 -> Output + Hot of P90
2 -> Red of HB
3 -> Black + Green of HB
4 -> Black + Green of HB
5 ->
6 ->
7 ->
8 ->
9 -> GND
10 -> Black + Green of HB
11 -> GND
12 -> Ground of P90

White + Bare of HB to ground.

That will give you:

1 = Neck
2 = Neck + Inner of Bridge (Series)
3 = Neck + Inner of Bridge (Parallel)
4 = Inner of Bridge
5 = Full Bridge

I guess you know this but to find out which HB coil cancels hum with the P90 all you have to do is check which one attracts it. If the coil that cancels hum is the outer, replace in the HB:

Red with Black
Black + Green with Red + White
White with Green

In this case you may want to turn the HB around 180 degrees so that you get the inner coil active when split, I generally find the outer coil of a split bridge HB too thin and shrill.

Gary Ladd

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Thanks Clorenzo!

I was hoping you'd show-up, you're da man :AOK

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