wiring options for p90s on 335 style w/ existing coil tap switch


i have an as200 and will be putting hb sized p90s in it.

the options i want are

in phase, parallel
in phase, series
out of phase, parallel
out of phase, series

right now my guitar has 2 volume and 2 tone knobs, a 3 way selector switch (neck, neck+bridge,bridge), as well as a tiny 3 position coil tap switch for the neck pickup. how can i do the above, without requiring me to drill holes in my guitar for new switches etc? can i utilize my current coil tap switch? if not what will likely fit in its place?? i guess i need to get new pots (which im going with CTS 500k), not sure what else ill need either (ie caps, etc).

any suggestions are welcome.

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