Wobbly Tuneomatic inserts

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    I'm replacing the "Sung Il" pot-metal ToM on an older Samick 335. The metric TonePros I'm using is the "right" size, I guess, but the tailpiece inserts are a little wobbly (I can wobble the tailpiece fore and aft a tiny fraction of an inch) but the bridge wobbles more, a good 1/10" if I rattle it fore and aft pretty good. It looks like I could fit a flat toothpick in against the bridge inserts in a couple of places. Maybe one toothpick on the tailpiece inserts. The original assembly fit nice and tight: I had to carefully lever them up and out of there. What would you do here?

    EDIT: maybe this is the answer, from Walter a year ago: sorry I didn't see it first:

    if the holes really are loose to where the stock bushings lean forward, all you have to do is get some scraps of thin wood veneer, trim a little piece that fits the wall of the hole on whatever side is oval-ed out (probably towards the headstock) with the goal of making the bushing fit reasonably tight again, slather it and the entire hole with titebond wood glue, stick it in place and stuff the bushings back on. wipe off the glue squeeze-out, slap on the bridge and string it up (so it dries under pressure), then never give it a second thought.
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    A few wraps of copper foil, depending on the size of the gap, could work as a quick and reversible fix.

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