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So I have set of wolfetone marshallheads in my framus Panthera and they're my favorite set of humbuckers that I've ever tried. Before that it was the motor city detroiters in my sg. So my question is how do his caretaker and grey Wolfe models compare? The one and only thing I prefer about my detroiters is that they're tighter and more focused than the marshallheads and Wolfe told me the grey wolf and caretaker are tighter than the marshallheads too so I'm curious about them. The other thing I wonder is if they have as good of a growl as the marshallheads especially since Wolfe told me they're less organic than the marshallheads due to the polysol wire. Any input would be appreciated


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You'll probably have better luck in the Pickups sub-forum on MLP. Wolfetone isn't as widely known here it seems. Wish I could help more, I've been wanting to try his pups too!

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I just got a set of Dr. Vs to put in my 93 Standard (the guitar I'm playing in my avatar). Man, they are some fantastic PAF style pickups.

I'd trust whatever Wolfe says. His reputation is impeccable and he knows his pickups better than anyone here could possibly describe. If you want tighter, I'd think the Timber Wolfe would be the way to go, but I certainly defer to Wolfe.


Yeah, talk to Wolfe. Had a set of V's in a 07' LP Standard which I eventually sold, but the pickup upgrade was definitely worth it. Beautiful, sweet, PAF style pickups.

He also wound a set of Legend's for my 335 Epiphone Elite. I'll never part with that guitar.


Wolfe is great to deal with and I'm sure he can hook you up with exactly what you are looking for. Currently I only have Wolfetone P-90s (mean/meaner/meanest) but his Legends are definitely on my short list...


Wolfetone are very good pickups. Talk to him and tell him what you are after and order the right set. If you get the wrong pickup you can send it back and he will rewind you a set of pickups for free. I have taken him up on this once. Great service and very good sounding pickups at a good price.


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I echo what's been said as well. Great pickups and Wolfe is great to work with. I own about 5 sets in different guitars and they're as good or better than any of the other boutique/custom wound PAFs I own (Lollar, Sheptone, Bare Knuckle, Fralin).

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