Wolfgang “build”; neck; opinions needed

Discussion in 'Guitars in General' started by JaguarGTR, Apr 13, 2016.

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    Oct 29, 2014
    Hi. I have an EBMM Axis, and love the sound. Not a fan of the floyd. I'm looking for something similar in a fixed bridge. If anything maybe a little bit more "singing" or "warmer" for solos would be nice. The neck is great, smooth, and I think it's part of the great tone (at least to me) it produces. But I feel you have to "work it hard" when trying to play "fast" on it (which can be ok, it's still my favorite guitar overall).

    Recently I picked up a EVH Wolfgang made in Japan body (basswood + veneer), and now I'm figuring out the rest. For some time I've been meaning to start a "build" project.

    So far, I found Musikraft that does Wolfgang necks:

    Neck Woods:
    What would you think for something close to an Axis (maple/maple)? I'd like it to "sing" a bit more playing lead on neck pickup. Maybe the slightly larger body already helps. As I love lead sounds on Les Pauls, I was considering a Mahogany/Ebony combination to get some of the elements of that construction. However, when reading, it seems it's maybe a bit "soft" and that maple would make the body resonate more. Also, it seems for some reason mahogany necks, are mostly used on mahogany bodies. On the Suhr site they mention indian rosewood as being a bit "warmer" but still rock (and mention pau ferro and ebony as more shred). Therefore I'm now considering a Maple/Indian Rosewood combination. What would you think?

    Neck Radius:
    Axis is 10" I believe. Les Paul seems 12", I like the feel. I've got a Washburn N2 which is 12" and is very nice to play (although I prefer the sound of the Axis by a lot). Strangely, I also like the feel of a MIM Strat, but by listing it seems 9,5". So I'm a bit confused. Also thinking of experimenting and getting a 10” to 14”, or 12" to 16". But maybe it's a bit of a risk because it'll probably be difficult to test in my area. Have you tried those compound radii?

    Neck Profile:
    Most comfortable so far to me is the Washburn N2. They mentioned it was “Based on 60's "C" neck profile”. That guitar sound a bit thin to me. Would you worry that such a neck influences the “fullness” of the tone in a negative way?

    Many things. I guess you can’t have it all. It would be great to have some opinions.
    Thanks for the time.

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