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Worst album cover?


Silver Supporting Member
I don't know if I would call it the worst, the competition being quite stiff shall we say, but I have always been puzzled by the Rolling Stones 'Let it Bleed' cover (front and back).


Montonero, MOY, Multitudes
Platinum Supporting Member
How much more black can this be?
And the answer is "none more black"-- which reminds me that there was a prototype of a Menatone distortion pedal under the NMB moniker. Wonder if that is going to come out any time soon...


I gotta be honest, I actually think this is kind of clever for severely low-brow:

I mean, c'mon, "up at the crack"?! That's funny.

Scott Auld

Staff member
The Blind Faith album with the naked pubescent girl on the cover...
I never quite understood their logic on picking that cover.

While I don't think its the worst.

I do think it might be one of the weirdest/confusing.
Wow---this was the very first cover that came to my mind! For a successful bunch of musicians, it was a ridiculous cover.
The Blind Faith cover has an amazing story of artistic meaning behind it, for anyone with the initiative to look for it and the interest to read it. When you know the whole story it becomes more sensible.

Calling something confusing is at least honest. Calling it ridiculous just demonstrates a lack of depth and understanding.

Rob Sharer

TF is a treasure trove. I must confess, this next one is actually in my personal LP collection...


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