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Worst Tube Amp You've Owned


Silver Supporting Member
Blackstar HT5 -- Bought this thing buying into all the hype about it being as good as much more expensive amps and wound up realizing that I was 100% unhappy with everything it did. Just not what I wanted at all.

I'm the first guy to tell you that Digital/SS/Tube makes no different depending on what you are trying to achieve but with 100% certainty that Blackstar did nothing for me.


I have a Port City Pearl that I flat out LOVE so I picked up a Port City Twelve to have a smaller amp to grab and go. I can't get that thing to sound good for the life of me. New tubes, new speaker, head cab, combo tried everything. :dunno


Hmmmm....the prize must be shared:

1) Fender 'The Twin' - small-knob version after they went back to blackface/silver cloth. Approximate weight of an M1 tank. Supposedly praised for its clean channel but reviled for its horrid overdrive channel...if there was a usable sound hiding in either side I didn't have the patience or the energy to find it. Deafeningly loud if you're into that sort of thing.

2) Mesa/Boogie Trem-O-Verb (combo) - precious little verb and even less trem. Harsh, honking 'amplified telephone' tone that no preamp or EQ could combat.


DRRI or Jet City HDM100

Maybe I got a bad DRRI but I'll never understand how people like them, just harsh unnatural breakup. My Crate VC30 sounded better at a third the price


Silver Supporting Member
The one I bonded with the least was the Genz Benz El Diablo 100. Good amp and well built but I could never get the lead channel where I wanted it. Fantastic clean channel though.


not a bad amp, and silly say this is my 'worst' 'cause it was actually pretty damn good, but of all the tube amps ive owned, the Mesa F-50 was the shortest lived. Amazing cleans, but the drive channel was too much. Needed waaaaay too much volume to get good rock tones out of, unless you EQed it in the loop, but I dont like having to do that with an amp -- there is no reason to have to anymore.


worst is the CRATE VOODOOO, awful !!!
Mesa Stilletto, too bright and brittle
Fender super sonic 60, yuck

Man, lot of amps I don't like. I think is difficult finding a great amp. But, when I do its usually a keeper. My favorite amps to date are the Jaguar Twin, TK Metro. The Jaguar Twin is purty impressive.
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Gold Supporting Member
Fender Blues Jr. I've never heard a Fender so boxy or el84's sound so bland. Also the least reliable amp I've ever owned. Fixed under warranty 3 times before I got rid of it.

Oddly, the Epiphone Electar 30 was damn near the same amp but sounded 1000x better! Stuck a Weber Blue Pup in it and rocked it for a few years. Sold to a bandmate who still loves it. Got it for $10 with a blown fuse. No idea how Fender screwed it up so badly but Epiphone got it so right and no one noticed.

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