Would you consider this over a Les Paul Studio?


I wouldn't,just based on looks for me .
Could be a great guitar,just doesn't appeal .


Yes. It has nicer pickups (Seymour Duncan 59/JB).

Studios can be incredibly hit-and-miss (mine needed a lot of work to sound great, and a friend's was a complete lemon), and ESP/LTD's quality control is much better.

I once bought an EC-50 for my nephew who wanted to learn guitar. That was an incredible guitar for $270 out the door.


Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I dig the pups and I already have a LTD KH-602 which is so nice that I know about the QC.


Personally, I tried out both side by side, and found myself not a fan of the Seymour Duncan pickups. That said, the fit and feel of the Eclipse was quite nice. I'd try it first ((Zzounds has a return policy, I believe)), but LTD has a very good reputation and you seem to have a positive look on the brand.
I have a a Les Paul Studio Deluxe, an ESP Eclipse II (Bigsby), and an LTD EC1000T (Full thickness body)

Random thoughts and unfiltered opinion..

The ESP/LTD Thin U neck carve feels much thinner and rounder than a Gibson 60's neck in my hands. I much prefer the Gibson neck profile, but the Thin U isn't unbearable. YMMD.

The thinner body on my Eclipse definitely gives it a slightly brighter and more balanced sound than my mid range heavy Studio (even with the studio's weight relief). I've heard the Eclipse described as a cross between a LP and an SG and I agree with that characterization.

The LTD comes with some very practical upgrades over the Studio right out of the box- Bound neck and headstock, volute, locking tuners, and handwired 500K pots...all things I wish my Studio had.

Master tone only...might be a big deal if you spend a lot of time in middle pick up position.

ZZounds current price is better than previous retail pricing on the LTD E1, but it's still not a great deal...especially considering that the E1 is a discontinued model. Hello Music closed out multiple colors of Japan made ESP eclipses for as low as $1099 right before Christmas. The 2014 LTD line looks to have guitars comparable to the current E1 at about the same price point as well. If you decide that you "must have", I would negotiate very aggressively.

My advice is to consider the older LTD 401VF. Material quality might not be quite as nice as the E1- it's made in China but ESP Quality Control is solid and each guitar is inspected a second time in the US. The 401VF has nearly all of the same features and the same pickups as the E1 (sans locking tuners) and also features a "full Les Paul thickness" no belly cut body. Sam Ash still shows a limited stock close out on this model for ***$399***. I have the older LTD 1000T with is the Korean made version of the 401VF that came with SD Alnico II pickups and it's every bit as well made as a Gibson and sounds dead on like a LP.
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Yes. I'm a big fan of Esp / Ltd

I love my LP studio too but i'd certainly consider the Ltd. if you go used you can pick up ESP eclipses for the same price.

All are very nice guitars


I haven't played one of those, to me it could come to down which sounded the best. LP's have a very distinctive sound which many copies just cannot mirror. If the sound is there and it looks and feels right, then you should go for it. If you are just trying to get the singlecut look and are worried about fit and finish and less concerned about the authentic LP sound, then again, you should probably go for it. If the LP sound is what you are after, buy the Studio.

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