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Would you play a guitar if you didn't like the color?


One of my partscasters body is candy apple red, a color that I don't particularly like. However, this is a high quality good sounding MIJ body. Should I just put a neck on it and wire it up and live with it even though I'm not thrilled with the color?


I have a green strat and a black LP.
Never been a fan of black guitars and not particulary interested in green ones but those were he guitars I could buy at the time.


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I would play it, but not own it. For me, It has to be pleasing to my eye. I don't wear pink shirts, and I won't play pink guitars!!! LOL


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I'm not particularly fond of sun bursts, or red guitars, but I've got a G&L LB-100 in sunburst that is my go to recording bass, and a Dano baritone that is red burst. I hate the colors on both of these guitars, but I love the sounds they make. I chose the Dano out of three that were on the wall at the GC. This one felt & sounded right. Just looked hideous!


Yes, absolutely! I was hating (and still) the color of the first guitar I bought (Brown rosewood) when I was 16. I passed on it multiple times in the music store. No guitar on the floor was good enough until I tryed it. The neck was perfect and I bought it 200$ used with a huge case that might value that alone. It's a 80's Peavey Patriot made in USA. It's my travel guitar and I still compose and perform live with when I'm travelling...


i've played guitars whose color I wasn't crazy about, and learned to deal with it. Truly, how often do you look down at it and really think about color? At least, that's what I thought at the time. Music is so colorful in itself (I'm sure I'm not the only one who senses this in a big way...damn synesthesia!).

Here's the flipside for me: While I've never bought a guitar I didn't absolutely love based on a cool finish, I will admit to dragging my feet on an awesome axe with blah finish-options. Case in point: I loved and wanted the American Special Strat for awhile, came close to picking one up many times, but in the end, it always came down to Canday Apple Red vs. Black vs. Sunburst (yuck in all cases). this year, when they announced Surf Green, I nearly lost my freakin' mind. needless to say, I'lve got one now, and love absolutely everything about it.

Course, sometimes you simply have to settle. The Roland-equipped Strat comes in Black and Sunburst only, so I have the Black one. I've learned to cope lol.



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The cosmetics are the last thing I consider...tone & feel come first. However, having said that, if a guitar had what I'd considered to be vulgar graphics or text of some sort on it, I'd have to draw the line there no matter how good the tone & feel...but, in that case, a refin might be in order if the tone & feel justified the time & effort. But to refin for just color...probably not unless I was bored and just looking for something to do.


I've had a couple of hideously colored guitars in my lifetime. While it didn't stop me from playing them, there is a degree when something has a certain look it can influence your mindset. Olympic White strats and sunburst LPs always do it for me. Give me one of those teal LP studios and my head keeps going back to "uhhh do I like this color?" ... hehe sometimes while I am playing.

Considering the market for relics and other types of guitars as well as the popularity of certain color schemes, looks matter to many people. Fender used the Dupont catalog for a reason back in the day... picking colors similar to the hot Fords and Chevys of the time helped seal the visual appeal of their lineup.


my first electric guitar... a 1990 yamaha pacifica 921 was priced at $159 used in the music store in 1997... all i knew was it had a floyd and two humbuckers, and i wanted to RAWK. not that it had a pink sparkle finish. i still play that guitar today...
CIRCA 1998
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For some reason, I don't like blue guitars. Even the nice PRSi.
Lake placid blue... And that nice Jeff Tweedy SG seem to be different.


Anytime I've acquired a guitar that I didn't like the color, I've happily played it but often keep my eye out for something to replace it. Color/finish isn't the first or only thing I look at, but I try to keep the guitars I own to a minimum, so I want to like the way they look as well as the way they play.


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No. In the same way I wouldn't buy a high-performing pink car or a perfect-fit polka dot suit. I freely admit that as a consumer, appearance matters.

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