Would you rather get the Martin 00015 special or 000-MMV?


The special is like the regular 00015-m but with a spruce top mahogany back/sides, the mmv is like a budget 000-28, with spruce top and rosewood back/sides.

the mmv is about +500 more

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Funny you should ask this. About a year ago i debated the exact same 2 models and sat and played both of them at 3 GC's in the LA area over the course of a week. I think they are very different, but in the end i felt the 000-15M sounded more organic and bought it. That said, not long after i happened upon eastman and bought a E5SS which is a special run of small body slope shoulder gibson style that utterly and completely blows away the 000-15M. Needless to say i sold it and got the eastman. Better then either the MMV or 000-15M and i mean easily. After a year I feel it;s the best acoustic i've ever owned. Of course you have to consider the huge differences between the different styles. But the hand made line of eastmans are IMO better then most any martin you will be able to buy w/o mortgaging your home. And much cheaper than even the low/mid line 00015 and MMV.

If you gotta get a martin and it's between those 2, i'd say MMV. After buying the 000-15M i soon began to hear it's shotrcomings and it wasn't a great guitar at all. there are budget guitars that IMO are equal or better. Often the wound strings would sound extremely dull. Looking back the MMV is what i should have bought. It just had a more refined and quality sound that i think will mature much better too. But i wouldn't trade my eastman for 3 of em. It simply sounds like a great old vintage guitar and beats every martin i played at GC, which is pretty much every one. And it cost me $500 less than the 000-15 ! ($1k out the door vs $1500) The eastman E5SS is no longer made being limited production, but the same guitar in a full size slope, the E10SS is sill made. Check them out if you can. It's a matter of whether it's worth it to pay 30-50% more for a name and a tone thats not near as good. But it's just a suggestion. I know country of origin and name matter more to many. If thats you, i'd say go for the MMV over the 15 easily. beware tho.....some had richlite fingerboards that are hard to tell from ebony. I believe they went back to ebony on them about 2 years ago those so any new one should be ebony. Might wanna call martin tho to be sure. Then again maybe you don't mind a man made board. I do so i made sure the one i was considering was ebony and it was.


The A-frame bracing on the 15 series sounds really good on mahogany, not sure about spruce. I dont the recall the bracing on the MMV. I'd suggest a 00 or 000-15SM, the 12 fret version. Don't let the size fool you, they sounded great. I have an 89 000-16m which is like a narrow nut OM-18V, a 1968 D-28 and a 2000 D16GT(coming in shortly). If you get a mahogany bodied martin, I highly recommend using the Martin Retro's as Monel does something special for mahogany.

If you really want a spruce top 000, I'd suggest looking at OMSWGT and the new 000-18's. Pre 2001 000-16's are pre richlite and pre 95's are dovetailed with 1/4" standard scaloped bracing.
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