WOW! Fat Sound now the exclusive dealer for RON THORN!!!


Hi everyone... I just ran across this and think it's cool as hell. Fat Sound Guitars will carry a limited number of Ron Thorn's SoCal guitars. More info here:

I think this is cool as hell. I've purchased a lot through both guys, and I think they're the best guys I've met in this business. Both know and care for their customer base and have a level of customer service that just can't be beat. (Don't get cozy, Ron and Stu... keep it up! :) ).

Stu has seen a lot of guitars come through his shop, and he seems to have put his money where his mouth is as far as his thoughts on Thorn guitars. That's pretty cool.

Great match and it's always good to see good people working together.

Ron, finish up my next SoCal before the orders *really* start rushing in! :)


Stu/Fat Sound

Okay know I love ya man and I miss you since you moved back to Cali, but dang if your post doesn't sound like one written by a shill for my shop and Ron's guitars!:rotflmao

I truly appreciate the kind words though as well as the obvious enthusiasm. I know what a huge Thorn fan you only need read your signature to figure that one out!! ;)

And don't worry about an increased backlog with Ron necessarily. We have this worked out so that my shop simply takes guitars out of his inventory rather than him selling them on his own. This is meant to give him even better exposure by letting folks in my area actually get their hands on a Thorn, give Ron access to my regular website audience and give my shop the great honor of having the exclusive ability to represent Ron's guitars.

For now, at least, we won't be accepting special orders. You still have to go through Ron for that as well as to gain access to his other lines. Ron's kind of in a feeling-things-out mode for the moment due to his already, very busy work load.

Bill N. really set this up for us by acting as liaison b/w my shop and Ron and convincing Ron to consider the idea of branching out a bit in this manner.

Thanks Bill!

And thanks Ray for your enthusiasm!!

Hope to see you soon. Tell your lovely wife I said "hello"!

I hope all is going well for you guys on the West Coast!!!!


Great combo!! I've had nothing but excellent dealings with FatSound. I couldn't think of a better shop to represent Ron's work. Congrats to all involved.

Dana Olsen

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CONGRATULATIONS to both Stu and Ron - what a great matchup!

Hard not to be a 'fanboy' of either party!

Thanks, Dana O.

Jim S

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Talk about stimulating the economy!

Tangential, can Ron or Stu tell me about the Thorn Mini-humbuckers in the upcoming redwood guitar on the FatSound site? Do they sound like traditional minis or something else?


Shane S

WOW! I leave for 5 months to live in the woods and come back to this!! Congrats to both Ron and Stu. I have done a ton of business with both and could not think of a better pairing. I hope it is a very successful business venture for both of you.

Terry McInturff

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Fat Sound is just one heck of an outstanding firm. Im certain that this relationship will be fabulous!


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The New Mary Kay at Fat Sounds now belongs to me.
Thanks Stu, I am looking forward to playing this beauty.

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