Wow, I love these '57 Classics in my...


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... Gibson 339!

I haven't been crazy about 57s in other guitars, like LPs and SGs, but man, do they ever suit this 339. Such a great blend of midrange sweetness that can also get snarly and nasty. Great crunch and clarity, yet warm and full sounding, too.

I'm playing loud blues rock through a Marshall and greenback 4x12.

I have Bare Knuckle Black Dogs in my LP, which sometimes gives me an urge to try something "higher end" in the 339... but between the hassle of a semihollow pickup change and the fact that I love the 57s so much, it doesn't seem worth the cost/hassle factor.

Anyone stick to the 57s, or try something else, in a semihollow?

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I had a 335 that I sold earlier this year which had 57s. I've swapped pickups on a number guitars I've owned over the years, but those 57s stayed put in the 335 - they sounded great.

I have a Collings I35 now, with Lollar Imperials. Equally impressed with those.


I have an ES335 with '57s and I have no desire to change them. I also had an ES339 with them and thought they sounded great.

David Garner

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I love 57 Classics. I only took them out of my LP to try some unpotted pickups (Wolfetone Dr. Vs), and ended up loving them. So now the 57s are in a drawer.

One day I'll get them in another guitar. Fantastic pickups.


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I dropped a set in an Epiphone Sheraton a while back... It really helped bring that guitar to life. I ended up selling that guitar though when it still wasn't what I was really looking for. It sounded like a jazz guitar stock and it sounded like a better jazz guitar with those PUs but still not what i wanted, which was somewhere closer to a 335. The pickups were great though... way more harmonic content and bite to them.


They sound good in my Gibson 339, too, but sometimes I wonder about a pair of Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers or even Whole Lotta Humbuckers.


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Wow, indeed!

To each his (or her) own, I guess...

I had an '08 339 with '57 Classics and they were pretty awful. :(

The neck pickup was pure mud no matter what height it was set at and the bridge was harsh, harsh, harsh! Sadly, that harsh couldn't be eq-ed out with either the bridge tone control or amp settings... it seemed to go from harsh straight to mud without passing through anything smooth on the way.

Mind you, it could have been the unfortunate "Memphis Tone Circuit" that was responsible for this madness!

The guitar was very nice acoustically, but I didn't have the patience to replace the pickups and electronics in a semi-hollowbody. Had I done that, it might have been an excellent guitar... but water under the bridge (pun not intended ;)) and all that...


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My friend bought a V a few months back but for some reason wanted to swap out the 57s. I bought his 57 bridge PU and put it in my Musicman Silhouette Special - sounds great!


They were my favorite pickup for sg, 335, 339 until I tried bb1/bb2 and now even better than both, the Gibson MHS are just amazing.

Then the 57s starting sounding kinda boring/standard. The balanced coils lead to a generic standard tone, very good tone though, just needs some more character.

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