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    Sep 26, 2006
    I have a Wilkinson wrap around bridge but would like to try a Tone Pros wrap around on my guitar. Problem is the Tone Pros bridge does not fit properly when using the Wilkinson studs. It is loose........the bridge does not fit tight enough around the studs and when strung pulls up at a weird angle. Think of a strat trem with no springs in the back but not as severe. I would use the locking studs that came with the Tone Pros but the studs are slightly bigger around and will not screw down into the threaded pieces that are in the guitar.

    Here is my questions......

    Is there an easy way to remove the Wilkinson threaded pieces out of the body of the guitar and replace them with the ones that came with the Tone Pros? Looks to be a pain but wanted to see if it could be done easily......thanks!
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    Dec 31, 2007
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    It depends on how much damage you want to risk - pulling the old studs might crack the finish or pull out chips in the wood. There is a gadget at Stewart MacDonald that's used for pulling threaded inserts. I made one out of a bit of plumbing hardware (a big cap nut with a hole in the middle, but you could use a large socket), a bolt that matches the threads of the bushing that you're pulling, and a nut. You thread the bolt into the insert, sit the socket or cylindrical gadget on top of it, and set the nut on the outside. Then you tighten the nut to pull the whole thing straight out. Sorry that's clear as mud, but take a look at the Stew Mac site and maybe do a search for "bushing puller"
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