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Wraparound bridge And the winner is...


Silver Supporting Member
First, thanks to all who took an interest in my quest to find a decent performing wraparound bridge for my Firebird III. I had used a Wilkinson (wouldn't intonate) a Schaller 455 (easy to change strings but muddy sound) and an el cheapo new production compensated bridge (like the original but with the G set back behind the B) that sounded pretty good, but broke strings like crazy. Also tried a Hipshot Baby Grand, but its tolerances were too tight and it wouldn't install. So the winner is (drum roll please) the Pigtail. It's got a nice clear sound, easy to intonate, and not too bad for changing strings. Another thing I like about it is that the saddles aren't notched. This works great for me, because I like a flatter radius on the bridge. So if you don't notch it, it provides a nice all-purpose radius that's especially good for bending the E and B strings, which I do a lot. I've had it on for a week now, did a gig Saturday, and it sounds nice and clear. Only beef is that I wish he'd make the "ears" thicker so it seats better on standard Gibson studs.


Platinum Supporting Member
Only beef is that I wish he'd make the "ears" thicker so it seats better on standard Gibson studs.
you, my friend, need some tonepros locking steel studs to solve that problem and improve bite and sustain besides.

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