Wreckt 2016!!!


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The Wreckt is one of the most under-the-radar drives ever, IMO.

I've owned a lot of the Menatone drives, and the two satnd outs (again, IMO) are the Top Boost in a Can and the Wreckt.
A little on the "dark and rich" side, for those guys who like that.... but still with great clarity.

My favorite control on the Wreckt was actually the internal trim pot to control the overall gain level. I ran mine pretty low and it really made the Wreckt a great full-range OD.

By the pic posted on Brian's website, it looks like he may have decided to make that trim pot accessible as one of the main pots (?)

I would love to get my hands on one of these!

EDIT: Noticed this listing for a new Wreckt on Reverb... There's a "full frontal" shot. Looks like 3 band EQ as well (?) ---> So maybe this is bridging the function / flexibility gap between the Wreckt and a Kar Krash?



Ya it's also $245 vs Menatone website...
I owned the 7 knob and 8 knob Kar Krashes. The only thing that bumped it for me was a Kingsley Jouster and even then it was very close! The Kar Krash had more versatility but can't quite compete with tube goodness. I love how Brian shrunk it down and it's still 6 knobs!


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I was close to ordering the new Wreck't but ended up going with the Dumbstruck. Anyone else have experience with the Wreck't pedals?

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