Wren and Cuff Your Face


I got one ,had it for oh about two weeks ,to me at this time probably put
ahh hour or two total playin around with it, Matt was a real gentleman
its a very well built pedal and has its own thing going........very smooth
almost muffy at the start I got one that has the sm middle knob as a
pre gain if you check out their site you see there are several options any
how I,ll have to put in some more time with it!


Sorry to revive an old thread, but I've had one of these pedals for about a month. Mine is a 70's (silicon) low-cut, with original spec caps and the more "hifi" resistors. Works well with my 18 watt clone with VVR and my LP Studio with VD. Even sounds good at bedroom levels, so long as the amp is driven. Depending on internal bias settings, it does that "magic cleanup" thing very well. The low-cut is a huge plus, making this a much less "special purpose" effect than it would be otherwise (with my guitar anyway). It's surprisingly easy to get eternal sustain. As for negatives, it can be pretty noisy, sometimes picks up radio and other interference, and the engage switch has a definite pop. I bought one of the ones in stock at a nearby store, so I'm not sure if there are options to deal with these issues but I would assume so. Anyone else (Brian?) have these issues?

Still playing with it, recently set the bias a bit low for some EJ-type tones. The reverse log fuzz pot also helps a lot for dialing in that sound without going too crazy.


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I just got a pre-owned W&C silicon 70’s version in the mail today. So far so good, using a LP into a 50W Marshall at relatively low volume levels. Imma crank it up tomorrow... Using as a low-gain setting, it’s very smokey, with excellent clarity and single-note sustain. Chewy, I think they call it? Also, the clean-up on the guitar volume is very good.

That said, I have a love/hate relationship with fuzzes and *never* keep them on my board....ever. :D
I had the germanium one.

I never connected with it.

That said, I don't really like fuzz faces all that much. I prefer pretty much every other kind of fuzz that came before and after the fuzz face.


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I have both. 60's and 70's. Excellent fuzz face pedals. 60's is lower gain, less high end than the 70's. I use the 60's always on with a Strat into a Germino Classic 45. Guitar volume controls the amount of dirt. The 70's is a "wilder" sound. I had the 70's first and used it the same way as I'm using the 60's now. Love 'em both.


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I had the ‘60’s Ge version here and A/B’d it with a Fulltone ‘69 and Sunface NKT275.

The W&C just did not seem as versatile as the other two. It did not clean up as well and the EQ seemed a bit too pushy.

-bEn r.

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