Wright Sounds Super Boost


Full disclosure: I am a former co-worker of the pedal's creator.

Having disclosed this, I will say without any bias, that this boost is awesome. I've played forever with an early model Zvex Super-hard on which I loved, but when I plugged the Clean boost into my chain in its place, the difference was amazing. I could still attain the dirty, crunchy overdriven tone that I wanted, but with a clarity I never had before: Every single note stands out now instead of muddying up. This thing's got a great range, and is really smooth when you adjust the boost level (no crackling.) I haven't played a plethora of other boosts, but I doubt you'll find a better pedal. Plus they're hand-built, super limited, and look awesome. I think he's got them in a few stores, but he's pretty easy to get hold of online too for ordering by searching "Portland Guitar Repair" or "Wrightsounds."

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