Xaviere XV-910: I Got A Good One


Over Thanksgiving weekend, I spent a lot of time debating whether or not to buy a Xaviere XV-910, the Epiphone Casino/ES-300 knockoff from GFS. I finally settled on a blem in black for $179.25 with the coupon discounts. It had a couple of very minor finish issues, no big deal. At that price, I decided to take my chances, hoping I'd get a good one. I lucked out.

When the guitar arrived, the neck was a bit warped and it wouldn't stay in tune. I tweaked the neck, adjusted the action and intonation, and by God, it started to play pretty well. I took it to my tech last week, and he changed the strings, lubed the pots-they were very stiff-tweaked it a bit more and what do you know, now it's playing and sounding great. The P90s have a nice mid range growl and handle overdrive really well. It stays in tune nicely, and I can see this will be a good gigging guitar.

I know GFS guitars can be hit & miss, but I think I got lucky with this one.


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