xotic ep booster vs dts sdd 3000p

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    Sep 23, 2011
    hey guys,

    im looking to get an always on clean booster. i just found out about the dts sdd 3000p and am not quite sure what it does besides boosting like the ep booster. all the videos have that dd20 modulated delay so its hard to tell if its just a normal booster or whether it creates that Edge tone (minus that modulated delay of course). im looking to boost/sweeten/fatten up my clean tone.

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    Mar 3, 2009
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    Easy to dial in the Edge type gritty tone with the Korg clone if that is what you want. It will warm up a digital delay and seeming will give analog some clarity.

    I have never played a EP Booster but have always wanted to...I would get the Xotic since it is half the price and easily found. Use it while you try to locate a DTS.

    The great thing about the DTS is the built in attenuator. It allows you to raise or lower the incoming signal - therefore allowing you to completely control what amount of boost is hitting your delay.

    Nothing says you have to use it in front of your delay. Some folks put it and the end of a chain to goose the amp - great for Vox stuff. Others put it in the dirt chain to goose or attenuate the signal.

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