xotic robotalk 2

I was really intrigued by the first robotalk. Can't wait to check this out!

Edit: I'm glad they got Paul to pimp this again.
The video samples sound just as good as the original but who really needs two channels? I preferred the second mode on the first version.


There were some concerns on the Robotalk 1 like the awkward double 9V Power supply and a hard to find sweet spot for tonal pleasure…
…Looks like they made a lot of changes on Version 2 and its definitly worth a try IMO, even when it looks still as ugly as version 1 ;-P


I had the first Robotalk, and while the envelope filter mode was the one that got the most use, the Sample&Hold mode was the showstopper. Mine didn't have DC jacks, and unless the batteries were super fresh the S&H mode would suffer. In the updated version I had hoped they'd include a charge pump circuit to provide the -9v (so it could be run off a single 9vDC source), but they didn't :(

I was really surprised to see that they removed the S&H mode for this one. Sure, if you're an envelope filter fan having two channels might be useful. For me, it makes the pedal far less interesting and too big for the one thing it does.



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I just got the Robotalk 2. Never had a V1
I actually like having two settings. This way I can use two different settings for two different songs / part of songs. I play a lot of songs with a basic tone and a bridge part that is a tat different so to give it additional flavor it is nice to kick in the Robotalk for that. For our upcoming Good Friday set I've got one side to the low end gives it a nice ambiance and the other side more to the high end which gives more of that traditional envelope filter sound.
Plus both channels can work together just fine which is nice.
And I tried it at our church, no popping noises, no additional noise that was worth mentioning unless I kicked in a high gain OD, so I'm liking it!


I was considering getting a robotalk 1 simply because the random arpeggiator mode sounded so cool. I'm sure the robotalk 2 is a nice unit, but probably not quite the novelty the first unit was.

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