Yamaha Pacifica 611 HFM

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    Oct 29, 2015
    4 years ago I was looking for a super-strato guitar that had a wide range of sounds because it was what I missed the guitars I've had.

    Aesthetically it was not what I was looking for, but seeing the specs and the components I rode, it was clear that this had to be the choice. Official Yamaha videos on Youtube did the rest.

    The color I chose is Translucent Purple. When it arrived the first thing that gratefully called my attention is the level of finishes. To this day I keep looking with the magnifying glass for the slightest defect and I can not find it. In guitars of this price that is unthinkable, there is always some friction, failure of paint, glue stick ... on this guitar, nothing. As finished, perfect quality. Before plugging it in for the first time I always like to play without amp. It is a good way to get an idea of the construction, adjustments, frets ... Well, just removed from the box the guitar had a mind-blowing fit. Perfect fretwork, low action... and maybe you think I exaggerated but it came perfectly in tune! I do not know about you guys, but I all the guitars I've had have never come from factory with such a perfect setup, (God ... I'm remembering a LTD I had ...).

    The specifications of the guitar you already know them, Seymour Duncan, Grover, TUSQ XL. There are guitars that cost double and at night they dream of having these components.

    I had never had or tried any guitar with a P-90 pickup, so I was eager to plug it in and try for myself if everything they say about it was so good. Today I play 90% of the time with this pickup so I think you get an idea of what I think. For me, it's a mix between a single and a humbucker. It has the timbral characteristics of both types of pickups which make it tremendously versatile. It is difficult to explain a sound but as I say, imagine a single coil sound on neck and a PAF on neck position. Well, that's this Seymour Duncan P-90. The Custom 5 of the bridge is a little shrill for my taste but by touching EQ you can get more body. The Custom 5 delivers a good amount of sustain and against what is said to be not a sugar cane pickup, you can get very aggressive sounds if you use an amp that size it.

    I tried the guitar with a Hughes and Kettner of a friend and I assure you that the Custom 5 spits violence with jets with a very 80´s sound and with a touch Les Paul. With the Hughes and Kettner the sound was something like Doug Alrich, to give you an idea. As you know this pickup can be put into single mode. The central position that activates the two pickups gives a bright and full sound perfect for rhythms and chords. You get a great definition in the notes despite being using two pickups so different. I only use this position for rhythms, for solo parts I have not been able to catch the point.

    As for the neck and fretboard was the most critical part for me. A guitar can get all the brand components you want, a wonderful sound and perfect finishes, but if the neck is not comfortable, you have nothing. Before I bought it I knew it was not my neck. I have always played with Ibanez RG's with Jumbo frets. So, this is not the neck I would like. Even though the neck is comfortable, it does not allow to make the frills that allow an Ibanez Wizard, but is that this guitar is another story.

    This guitar may like you or not, be what you are looking for or not, but it must be recognized that the designers have done a spectacular job making a versatile guitar.

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    Nice review. I'm set on buying a Pacifica 510 in the next couple of weeks. I like the idea of having a single pickup 'hot rod' solidbody in my arsonal. Hopefully mine will meet my expectations,as well.


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