Yellow Submarine (what happened?)


The movie was the most expensive (to date) animation, I really dug the expanded version on DVD with all the extras, really interesting how it all came together and still one of my fave animated music experiences. There is some really beautiful stuff happening in the film art wise, I am a fan.

The soundtrack not so much, it fits the film well enough tho. I am all about "Its All Too Much" then "Hey Bulldog!" and then "Only A Northern Song" so much so I sought out the Past Masters to have those in Mono as I really wanted to here them in that form (tbh Beatles in Mono is a real thing and I def dig it more so than Stereo save Abbey Road/Let It Be)


Yellow Submarine
Hey Bulldog
Eleanor Rigby
Lucy . . .
With a Little Help . . .
Northern Song
Nowhere Man
It's All To Much

All great songs. Sure most of them are from other albums but they make a cool sort of Greatest Hits (sort of) and they work with the movie


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As others have said it was a soundtrack to a cartoon really meant for kids. It wasn't supposed to be grandiose artistic statement, but 5 decades have another opinion. At least Yellow Submarine had this gem. Think about the concept that The Beatles probably thought "Hey Bulldog" was a turd.

Awesome track!


My understanding on Its Only a Northern Song was they were at the recording studio late at night and the brass said they needed another song. Legend (rumour?) has it George went off and penned it and came back pretty quick.


From what I’ve read, it was a contractual obligation and the Beatles liked the concept because they didn’t have to do anything except come up with a few newish songs. It was their choice to not do the voices. Apparently there was some regret about that later when they saw the movie and, despite their original attitude towards it, found it cool.

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I loved the movie when I saw it as a kid and I still enjoy it. From my understanding and it was mentioned in this thread earlier, they didn't want to do the voices because they hated the Idea and after they saw the finished product did regret that choice a bit. To each their own I guess.


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A bit about the movie, album and "Only a Northern Song" from wiki. Pretty much what I remember

"Only a Northern Song" is a song by the English rock band the Beatles from their 1969 soundtrack album Yellow Submarine. Written by George Harrison, it was the first of four songs the band provided for the 1968 animated film Yellow Submarine, to meet their contractual obligations to United Artists. The song was recorded mainly in February 1967, during the sessions for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, but the Beatles chose not to include it on that album. The group completed the recording two months later, straight after finishing work on Sgt. Pepper.

Harrison wrote "Only a Northern Song" out of dissatisfaction with his status as a junior songwriter with the Beatles' publishing company, Northern Songs. The lyrics and music convey his disenchantment at how the company retained the copyright for the songs it published, and at how, following its public listing in 1965, the major shareholders profited more from his compositions than he did. The recording features a Hammond organ, played by Harrison, and an overdubbed montage of assorted sounds including trumpet blasts and spoken voices, anticipating John Lennon's 1968 sound collage "Revolution 9". Due to the difficulty in assembling the completed track from two tape sources, "Only a Northern Song" remained a rare song from the Beatles' post-1963 catalogue that was unavailable in true stereo until 1999. That year, it was remixed for inclusion on the album Yellow Submarine Songtrack.


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They had so many studio songs from that 67 era, why not utilize them on a soundtrack album. Hey , lets drop acid , get on a bus and make a movie and release the rest of the songs? Worked for me!

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