YES!!!! Maxon CP9 Pro+ Compressor Coming My Way!

I might end up doing clips of the tone press vs. the cp9.

I'm keeping the tone press until I am certain that the cp9 is what I'm looking for.


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+1. I have a Tone Press and it's going to be very hard to beat. Let us know what you think.
Another TGPer messaged me saying that the seller is claiming that my purchase was invalid for some reason; "x member" was also bidding on the compressor, hope this seller isn't trying to scam us.


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The CP9+ is an outstanding machine. It's the most transparent pedal compressor that I've heard, and it's about the only good one with an independent threshold control. It's pretty much the only one that I've found useful for humbuckers.


these things are going for big money new...especially here in Europe (well over $300 US)...

anyone compare it directly to a PGC which I own and love with stats and teles...I found a useful setting on my PGC for my 335 but would like to get a dedicated comp. for hums and leave the PGC on my strat tele board...

There was a thread that discussed using the PP2 and CP9 together, but I can't seem to find it. I know that there was a problem with powering up initially, anyone know about this? Can't wait until tomorrow, it will be my first chance to mess with this.


It was my post. Here's what Voodoo Lab sent me...

Voodoo Lab does not claim compatibility between our Pedal Power 2 Plus unit and the Maxon Pro+ series of pedals. We tested one here at our facilities and discovered that the Maxon Pro+ pedals do not work consistently with the Pedal Power 2 Plus.

The unique voltage doubling circuit employed in these pedals draws a very large amount of current at startup, often more than is available from any of the outputs of our Pedal Power 2 Plus. After that initial startup, the pedal draws much less current and is able to be powered from outputs 5 or 6 with the DIP switch set to the normal position.

Because of that high initial current draw, the pedal may not start up correctly whenever the rig is powered up. You would have to check the pedal every time. If it did not come on at system power up you would need to pull its power cable and re-connect it as a sort of reset.

The alternative is to power these pedals with a wall wort power supply from the Courtesy AC Outlet on the back of the Pedal Power 2 Plus.

I have a PP2+ and I use outlet #6 (200ma) to power my StroboStomp. I daisy chain from the SS and pass power to 3 V-Stack pedals and the CP9. It works like that, but not directly off of the PP2+ outlets. Go figure.
Could I run my boss tu-2 on #x from the power line out on the pp2, then daisy chain the maxon from that?

I'm going to try it.


Do you mean power the TU2 with a wall wart into the AC outlet? That might work.

I'm already using #5 & #6 - both 200ma - for my Boss CE-20 and the StroboStomp > daisy chain.

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