Yet Another Attenuator Question

Josh O

Thinking about getting an attenuator for my Bogner Duende. Yes, it's only 15 watts but there are times when I want to be able to throttle the volume back on gain B channel some but not lose that wicked punch I get when the volume is at 12:00/1:00 position. Through the many threads I've read up on in regards to attenuators, the common factor between the usual suspects THD/Bad Cat/Dr. Z is that anything more than 8dB reduction starts to really muck with your tone. Of course, everyone has their favorite pick of brand and why and one attenuator works better with one amp than another, etc but I have to ask, if I were to say pick up a THD Hot Plate and set it for 8dB reduction, what does that equate to in overall volume reduction? Basically:

with my amp at 1:00 and no attenuater, it's 1:00 volume output

with my amp at 1:00 and a THD set to 8dB reduction, it's essentially equivalent to what volume output?? 11:00? 10:00?


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You can't make any kind of correlation between attenuation level and volume knob position like that.

I'd add Weber Minimass to your list of attenuators to consider though.


+1 for the Weber Mini Mass. Mine doesn't have any control over tone and I notice a loss of treble (though it still sounds good on my SFDR and '65 Ampeg Jet) but I believe the newer ones have a switch or pot to compensate.


I have a Minimass that has a 3 and 6 db treble boost switch so if you really attenuate you can pop the top end and it gets really close to original.

At $100 or so it's a super deal.

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