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Yngwie Malmsteen critiques 14 tracks from his guitar-playing peers in this Guitar World blindfold test from 1994


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"Oh my God! That's unf*ckin' believable! I've never heard this before – that's Jeff Beck? He's playing out of tune. He's bending the strings out of pitch. It's not the correct pitch! Every time he bends a string, he bends it sharp or flat. Whoever produced and engineered this, or Beck himself, or the listeners, are tone deaf. I can't believe it!"
One thing he mentioned about Dickie Betts was how well he was in tune and how overlooked that is. Last year I got an LTD with an evertune, and like Devin T said, I thought I was in tune before but this evertune is ridiculous. I imagine that was part of the EVH magic- he could hear a few cents here and there and adjusted the tuning for specific songs to create those perfect tones. Sounds simple but yes, Betts is "in tune" more than the others


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I remember that article.
I thought it was refreshing to not hear the same old....wow that's incredible, oh that's soooooo great.
It was unvarnished Yngwie.

Pretty funny.
I also remember it, and loved it. It's Maximum Yngwie. My guitar buddy roommate from back then and myself still refer to something as sounding "humbuckery" and out of tune for an inside joke.


Yngwie is a pretentious prick...and still is. He's a very talented guitarist with insane chops. I do like a lot of his music. But I just can't get behind him as a person. He seems to think that his style of music is the only style there is. Just can't get behind a guy who has tunnel vision when it comes to taste in music. Seems he's just not a very diverse guy...which sucks. I wish he'd broaden his horizons and see the beauty in all music and not just his own. That's what makes for a better musician in my opinion.

marvin cobain

Considering his comment on Jeff Beck playing "cause we've ended as lovers". Malmsteen is the kind of guy that if he was listening to some country blues by the masters he would say that it's out of tune, not understanding that bluesy bendings are in fact between the 12 (out of tune) notes of the equal temperament. Want to hear an instrument that is really and completely out of tune? Check out a perfectly tuned piano or guitar.

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