Yngwie Malmsteen - Marching Out


My all time favorite Yngwie record for sure! The best solo record he ever did, with the helep of Jeff Scott Soto.

I can't stand Soto. Most over-rated metal singer ever. Just my opinion....and a lot of others. He does seem to have his fanboys though.


Haven't listened to this one in years.

I still think he peaked on the first Alcatrazz album.
I love his first album to death, and the second is really good.

Odyssey and Eclipse are the most listenable overall musically to me.

I have seen Malmsteen, Moore, and MacAlpine in the past 2 years. That's a lot of notes!

Aren't you in the Tampa Bay area? If so, I'm curious if you saw MacAlpine at the Brass Mug.


Yngwie, Eddie, Randy, Schenker, and Blackmore shaped my playing as a youth. They all shook the guitar world. His impact is immeasurable. I loved Marching Out. Killer riffs, good songs, incredible playing.

I still try to learn some of his stuff.



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MO is definitely my favorite Yngwie album. I prefer the fact that the solos are shorter, and in the context of cool metal songs. Plus, the title track is my favorite instrumental piece of his.

Perfectly said.

Though his first album was groundbreaking, and no doubt blew everyone's mind, Marching out is just a better album to me. The mix and his tone are fantastic, the songs have awesome emotional content, Jeff Scott Soto's vocals are killer, any Yngwie's solos are better constructed-- meaning, there is a buildup of emotion, despite being fast, there really isn't any wankery...it's all purposeful.

Marching Out, I Am A Viking, I'll See the Light Tonight.... classics!

And Soldier Without Faith is just completely badass. I don't think Yngwie's ever written another song like that.

Oh well, I won't change anyone's mind. I love his first four albums. The rest has been redundant (except for Concerto).

I too listen to the song Marching Out often. It's like Comfortably Numb....I can never, EVER get tired of it.
You've made me want to pull this out again. I doubt I've listened to an Yngwie album from top to bottom in more than 20 years.

For some reason, I remember being let down by this album compared to his first one.

But, still early Yngwie is just FIRE!!!! For me, I have to add the Alcatrazz album into the mix; I've listened to that one much more than Marching Out, but I'll be revisiting that one shortly.


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A friend of mine gave me this in high school. It was amazing back then and is still great to listen to, even it is a bit "scale holiday" in spots.

When I started dating my wife, the only two albums we both had in our music collections were this one and Rush's Counterparts.

I don't get the JSS hate (especially in a thread about a guitarist as specialized as YM). The lyrics and production were very dated but I have to imagine that Soto's delivery was exactly what was demanded of him. I remain impressed by his vocal work.


I wanna tell you a story

My 1st concert was in 86 and I was 16.
I was a huge ACDC fan and got floor tickets to see them. I didn't even know about opening acts.
Lights go out
Crowd goes crazy

Laaaayddddeeeesssss and gentlemennnnnnnnnn
Innnngggggg vayyyyyyy malmsteen
*A billion notes*
*Guitar flying around his neck*
*Playing eruption with his teeth and behind his head while smirking*
The FF was delivered.

(AC/DC absolutely slaughtered YJM though. Mad respect though...there is no one quite like him)


Big fan of Rising Force, and a buncha tunes from Alcatrazz / MO / Trilogy / Odyssey. Fantastic playing and emotion. Saw him on this tour w/ Talas opening, Billy Shenan came out and jammed, so great.

In the right nostalgic party mood I can embrace the cheesy-ness of the lyrics, same as early 80s Dio/Priest/Maiden/Manowar and even 70s Kiss.


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I still watch Alcatrazz videos with him cuz they effing rock! And I like his first 2 solo albums a lot. Jeff Scott Soto is a badass. I watched some recent Parabellum tour vids and Yngwie was trying to sing that stuff. I prefer his tone in Alcatrazz the most.

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