You current rig, lets see the pics!


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What is the "octa switch" thingy?
New from Carl Martin....each pedal has it's own loop and then you can combine the loops using small dip when I step on number two, the sparkle drive with a longer delay comes on (one is sparkle drive w/ slapback)....step on four and the tube screamer with a short delay is on..etc. I the have the klon before the entire uni so I can stack where and when I want. It has a few key benefits for me: less tap dancing (and switching is instant), each pedal is bypassed unless in the loop, pedals are still in front of me, and less chance of pedal failure as they do not get stepped on. The only real downside is it's size, but it's not so bad. Everything is now actually on a different pedalboard with a few changes.


Tell me about this.
OK but I run the risk of losing my TGP membership. :p

It's a Tokai made Hondo 935 Deluxe from 1981. I just kinda lucked into finding one for sale and checked it out, now it's my favorite guitar. The stock humbuckers are crazy good and aren't going anywhere. I think they're DiMarzios. Anyway the guitar has a long neck tenon, nicely rounded mahogany neck, mahogany center block, and maple body just like a Gibby.

There's one on Ebay right now actually. I'm on the lookout for one more myself just because it's so good. I'll probably drop P90s in that one.

John Hurtt

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This is the main rig (couple of pedal changes)...

I just received this from the Thorn Team, P90 goodness...


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