You get one guitar in this thread! ONE (1) guitar!! No runner up, no if, ands or buts ....

I’m thinking something custom. Basically a 339 with better upper register access (perhaps an offset), firebird headstock for better tuning stability plus I dig the look, a zero fret for, again, better tuning stability, frets over binding, Duncan 59 bridge/Seth Lover neck. Oh, and a replica of the neck profile/radius/nut width of my LP standard koa.

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It's a 1973 D.W. Stevens Brazilian Rosewood Cutaway Classical.

It's The One.



Already own my pick, Schecter C-1 Hellraiser Extreme. Thanks to the EMG 89R in the neck spot it does LP, Strat, Tele, etc.. With a tube amp it does beautifully clean things.
Bought a used Hellraiser - yanked the EMG's out and put in Seymour Duncan and it sounds great. Then after using it as my main guitar for five months the frets are completely worn down to useless. Love the celtic fret inlays, love the look, love the sound but gimme an Ibanez RG320 all day long as they are the Tele's of the pointy guitars.

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One guitar, but a gazillion amps/effects huh?... In that case (and if it must be one I already own), then it would be my '74 Strat. Yes. A CBS big-head 9lb Strat. If you knew my collection, you'd think I was nuts. But I gotta tell ya, this particular Strat just has the it factor in spades. It's a vintage correct, refin'd and fully restored badass.

Plus, it sounds great no matter which amp it's plugged into.

So gimme that Strat, my '71 Super Lead, '64 AC30TB, '66 Princeton Reverb, '59 Deluxe, and my pedalboard (and a generator) and sit me on that desert island.

My 73 Strat is so good

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