You might want to pass on shipping with US Postal Service


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They left my $3,000 Telecaster on the side of the road leaning against my mailbox 50yds from my house on a busy road. Can you believe this? In this day and age of porch pirates? It would have taken someone 6-10 seconds to throw it in the back of their vehicle. Luckily I knew it was coming and was home and keeping an eye out for it and happened to see it. I was like WTF!! USPS employee can not be bothered to get off their lazy butt to bring it to the house. And they where not ashamed of it as when I finally got the delivery update it said "left at mailbox".
What kind of crappy service is this? Let people have to deal with stolen packages? This is not a small box in my mailbox - it is a 4ft package. Pretty obvious there is something of value in it.
This was a TGP purchase, so in the future I will tell any future sellers this story and to avoid using USPS unless they want to deal with filing claims for lost guitars.
FedEx and UPS has never done this.
Will post a picture of it against the mailbox and how far it is from my house.
While I am not a fan of USPS, and willing topay extra not to use them... If they drop off mail and packages to your mail box, this seems within their right to leave a big box. They are not responsible to safe guard your packages.

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