You NEED to hear Noel Johnston......(Hey look, a Kemper, too!)


Today I got two albums (released simultaneously, today) by Noel Johnston.


One is a ridiculous, straight-ahead jazz romp that is world-class. The other is a balls-out rock/fusion/funk album. Both sound like they're the only styles he could possibly play.


To put it into perspective, Noel is both a super-busy rock/country/gospel session player with loads of album and live credits (Sheila E., Fred Hammond, Daystar, and more). He's got tone and chops to burn (and is, fwiw, the single best reader I've ever known). AND he's on the jazz faculty at the University of North Texas (any of you who are aware of college jazz education know what a big deal that is). He's also played with Kenny Wheeler, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Liebman, Joe Lovano, and tons more.

Here go some from Salted Coffee.

(that one has Shaun from Snarky Puppy on it... actually JT plays with them a lot, too)

And as you can tell, he's also my friend. He's kind of been a player's player for years (Scott Henderson probably even nabbed a little something from an album Noel did years ago), but most of the players who know his playing think that his relative obscurity is a shame. So check him out. You'll be very happy.


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