You people who bought a tube amp for your CLEAN tones, what did you buy ?


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That is beautiful! Bet it sounds really sweet. I love my BJ4!
Thanks it does sound sweet, the bigger cab really adds some depth to the overall tone! Even though its a bigger cab the weight did not change... one of the benefits of Pine:D
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Another vote for two rock. I sold I fender deluxe 68 and an original 66 deluxe to get a 50 watt classic reverb signature. Best clean tone I’ve ever had. They pop up used occasionally, try one if you can. Good luck!


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Im looking for a tube amp, preferably a head , that is low gain and gives great clean tones. Other big positives are fx loop, pedal friendliness, great build quality and high headroom. So far I am not having much luck in finding a product that ticks the boxes without spending a big wad of cash.

The usual suspects , small fender combos, Hot Rod Deluxe / Deville , Blues Deluxe and modern marshalls I have zero interest in as I feel they either don't sound great or the build quality is lacking.

You folks who have a tube amp you bought with the focus on the cleans and how brilliantly they work with the pedals on your board, what did YOU buy ?
I picked up a Port City Pearl 50W Head used for $700.
Head Format
Effects loop
Head Room (The Pearl 100 would have even more).
Build Quality
My guess is that you could find one for under $1000.
There are now several offerings from Wampler, JHS and others specifically made as a platform for pedals. I don't have experience with these and I don't know the price point, so I'm just recommending the used Port City.

If you can live without the Effects Loop, my recommendation would be a Silver Face Fender head such as Showman (also, Showman Reverb), Bassman or Bandmaster (also, Bandmaster Reverb).
Build Quality was great and these have THE quintessential clean tone in my opinion.
Available under $1000.

Good Luck!



The 2 best cleans I've ever owned were the Peavey Delta Blues and the Laney Lionheart L5combo. Best I've ever plugged into was the 64 Fender vibroverb.


65 Deluxe Reverb red wine limited 22-watt. Super clean tones and takes all my pedals exceptionally well. Through the years of JCM 800, 4x12 cabs, etc, and a plethora of gear, I find the lower wattage amps to my flavor. They break up nice and I don't have complete hearing loss :)


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I've settled on a Bartel era ToneKing SkyKing. Huge 3D Blackface tones with a smidge more mids, incredible note definition and inspiring touch sensitivity. Been running it with a 2x10 extension cabinet that really tightens up the low end, not that its needed, its just that the right 10s are so tight. ( like Bo Derrick ) You can really abuse the low E string with no flub, even with Dick Dale type strumming.......Plus the reverb and tremolo are super musical.


believe it or not, there are plenty of mesas with great clean tones. my studio 22+ combo has amazing cleans. you can push it a little and get cleans that sustain into feedback. my Rivera Knucklehead 55 had good cleans too. a little more pristine than the studio 22+ and maybe with a little more fender DNA.


The first victory V40 head was a product I returned for a full refund in 24 hours, imo an absolutely dreadful sounding bass heavy thud of an amp with no top end whatsoever. I understand the V40 deluxe is much better.
There's no comparison between the two in my opinon. And a relatively small jump in price for a way better amp in my opinion


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Mesa Boogie Lonestar Classic!

I totally hear you on the Hot Rods/Blues being a hard no-go. I kinda hate 'em haha. (Tho I loved my SuperSonic 22, that was damn good)

Anyways, been a Marshall guy my whole musical life. Picked up the LSC a few weeks ago and it is all the things you mentioned. The best damn clean/edge of breakup I've ever experienced this side of my JMP. Build quality might be a little TOO good, holy ballz this 100w 2x12 combo is heavy. I paid $1300 for it used in perfect condition. I'd call that a medium wad of cash, a lot less than I'd call a huge wad of cash, ymmv. A head only would cost less and be lighter. Strongly recommend.
Lonestar Classic + a second Ulbrick Arena 50

Lonestar is my pedal platform amp...though i do like it with just a boost and trem too.
The verb on it is lovely and if you aren't hunting any high gain tones, there's a lot in that amp for any guitarist.

The Arena was to have a second clean platform to push stereo TZF into.

I love this setup. Fuzz into TZF, TZF into separate delays, into separate amps.
It's really hard to beat the Lonestar Classic for clean tones.

The drive tones are awesome as well, but if all you need is clean, check out the Lonestar.
Guys, I usually try to suppress my inner pedant, but as a Texan and a proud Mesa owner “Lone Star” is TWO WORDS!!!

Now back to the thread...

Alan Dunn

Carr Rambler. I've had mine for two years and don't even bother thinking about having anything else anymore.
Price is nasty in Australia though at $4200. 2nd hand they rarely come up in 240v versions.
OK, I haven't pimped for Jim Frenzel in a while, but if cleans are really all you want he can take you there on a hand-wired old school big-iron limo.
I have an older Super Deluxe. The cleans are awesome, but if you plug into a 2x12 and crank far enough it will indeed roar. An AB/Y switch from Loopmaster is pretty much a necessity as there is no built in footswitch. No built in reverb either, but there is an effects loop for that. $798, scroll down and take a look at the wiring, maybe listen to the soundcloud clips before you toss any bottles. (ducking)


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I'm ignoring the "wad of cash" bit as I don't know what that means.

Carr 6V. If blackface fender gets you going, this is about as good as it gets. My current "clean" amps are a Matchless for chimey British cleans, an ancient K&M Custom for warm Fender-like cleans with a bunch of sustain and a iic+ for cleans that a Twin wished it had.

If I was buying just a clean amp I'd hunt down a used two rock studio. Those have such a pedal friendly platform.

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