*YOU* rocking a Tele




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This was probably 1991 or '92 and it might have been at either FM Station or Coconut Teaser as we played both a few times...or somewhere else around L.A.
That's a 1967 Telecaster that I bought from a guy for $100. It was pretty beaten up and badly routed for a neck humbucker, but I got it back into shape and played a few gigs with it before selling it for a decent profit.
I've always wondered where it is now...


My first good guitar (an old photo). Late 60s Tele. My first guitar was a Raven (Chinese) Tele copy.

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How cool would this be if this is the same Tele!?!

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Playing my 2000 American Standard Tele in Aqua Metallic back in 2017.

Like an idiot, I sold it.

Sorry about the shorts: It's our yearly August outside Brew 'n' Shoe jam with close friends/family. No paying customers to impress with my duds. ;)

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I appreciate when somebody is willing to admit they wear shorts on stage sometimes.


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@stevieboy , you still like teles?
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@Rick Towne plays them backwards teles !
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Yes, I do like Teles still. But I play a couple of Gibsons mostly now, 335 and P90 Goldtop LP.

Funny, when I saw this thread I looked around my server pics and couldn't find anything of me playing one.

But I did come across this one--


EDIT: I guess I should point out that on the red Tele is LarryR, who I was responding to after he put up a pic of me from maybe the same day, and on the blue one is TGPer Mark Robinson.
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