You thought Type A guitar would be the one forever, but it turned out to be Type B.......?


If you had asked me 20 years ago I would have said I will be playing Gibson les paul guitars forever, as it turns out these days they are a guitar which I have no time for at all. I found my happy place in the Telecaster which offered me exactly what I was missing when I played les Paul's. I am sure they will be prising a Tele out of my hands one day.

So my complete shift was from Les Paul which I can't abide these days to telecaster which I absolutely adore. I'm sure some of you will have stories where you too completely jumped ships and what made you make that jump ?


I hear you. My dream guitar ever since I was 9 was an Ibanez jem 777dy. If you years back, I finally got one and even got Steve Vai to sign it. I just couldn’t get along with the guitar and ended up selling it. It was just gathering dust on a wall hanger
I played a 335 for over 30 years. Told people I'd be buried with that guitar. About 20 years in, I picked up my SRV, but always found it difficult to switch back and forth between the 2. When life forced me to cash in the Gibson, the strat got all the play time. I suddenly realized I'd been a strat guy all along. I DO miss the 335 at times, but I'll never get rid of my SRV.

Steve Hotra

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my dream guitar, which I still have, was a 1983 Gibson 335 dot.
Now my 2005 Gretsch Black Falcon gets more playing time.
They are two different guitars, but unique in their tone.


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I thought it would be an SG or a Jaguar. I never even contemplated a Telecaster until my 30s. Now I'm a Tele man through and through.

As a corollary to that, I also thought I was going to be a Telecaster-in-classic-configuration man. Then I got one with a neck humbucker


I was a Strat guy for almost 30 years, got the Tele bug for a couple years with some Gibson sprinkled in there. Now for over 4 years I have been a Wolfgang guy. Best of all worlds IMO. Still love all those guitars but don't see myself moving away from the Wolfgang as a main player ever, but I've said that before, lol.


Every guitar I pick up can be a forever guitar for me. I love nearly all of them. I play SGs a lot today. I played LPs before. Super Strats and HH Teles before that and acoustics before those.


I started on a strat.

Then got an RG

Then a tele

Then a carvin holdsworth

Then sold the strat and bought another.

Then 2 more RGs

Then it happened. I got an Ltd eclipse ec256 for free via my old companies' reward points.

I have since gotten a full thickness les paul type (ec401v) and a p90 revstar.

While I thought I would always be a strat guy (still am. Will always be.), I love the esp and revstar.
I never thought I'd say that.

Steve Hotra

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335 to a gretsch, not a jump that leaps immediately to mind.
I should mention that my path to the Gretsch includes a Telecaster Nashville B bender, and a Taylor T5 ( which I sold)
The 335 has shaw pickups and a Stetsbar tremolo. Both the Gretsch and the Gibson are keepers.


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A Fender Stratocaster was my main guitar for forty years but then I started doing Jazz gigs exclusively and now my main gig guitar is an ES-335.


Funny. Last night, I was looking at pictures from 2000 to see how my 1997 Cunetto Relic aged. According to those pictures, I had only 7 electric guitars back then. Two of them were strats. I still play them quite a lot, even though I own over 40 guitars now, including a dozen of strats.

BTW, I still own all of those 7 guitars I had in 2000.


I can relate OP, I owned and played a Les Paul for 15ish years. Picked up a tele a few years back and now tele variations are all I own.


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i still have no clue.

current #1 is a Vela which is a weird hybrid of strat, tele, and jaguar

love it though

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