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You thought you hated fuzz until you heard _______.


Where were you (or what were you listening to, or what did you try) that flipped the switch and made you realize you actually love fuzz?

Not sure if this will go anywhere or if it's been discussed already, but I get the sense that a lot of people think they don't like fuzz until they hear something and suddenly realize they love fuzz. Maybe that's because there are so many variations, or you just hadn't heard it in the right context, or who knows.

For me, strangely, it wasn't some classic album or live performance, etc. It was watching a random JHS show jam when I thought "Wait, that's fuzz?? THAT sounds freaking amazing!"

Would love to hear about some other things I should check out, especially players/albums, etc.


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For me, strangely, it wasn't some classic album or live performance, etc. It was watching a random JHS show jam when I thought "Wait, that's fuzz?? THAT sounds freaking amazing!"
Same here

I've never been able to wrap my head around fuzz. I tried a few when I first started playing, didn't care for them, and never thought about it again.

I've only tried out FF and Muff-type pedals in the past, so I decided to give fuzz another shot. After watching a few JHS vids recently, some of the Tonebender vids really caught my ear. Ended up running across a used JHS Bender at GC the other day, and brought it home. I'm really digging it so far, turns out that a Tonebender is the right fuzz for me.


It was never that I did not like fuzz, it was more an indifference to the idea of getting one for myself.
I think this is down to me finding a lot of what I heard as generic.

About 18 months ago, after listening to David Torn and others in the "Strictly Fuzz" thread, I realized how incredibly dynamic fuzz can be and started to think and day dream fuzz.
Got 3 fuzzes in about 6 months - really easy to pick what I wanted from listening to clips.


Trombetta and Basic Audio cured my fuzz blues

( I also enjoy the fuzztones in the CBA Preamp MKII also, great dirt pedal)


When I plugged in my new Lovepedal MK III and a Tele and played some Led Zep. I have had all of them since the 70s and didn't bond with any of them. Muffs , Benders , FF nothing worked for me in any of the rigs I had until a few years ago.


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I don't know which episode of TPS did it, but the playing, and the explanation of different fuzz sounds just all made sense to me. I realized that fuzz wasn't just an uncontrollable mess, and just how inspiring it can be. I have to admit that I now have a much better ear for hearing fuzz in a guitar tone. For me, I think I always liked the sound of fuzz, I just didn't know that I did. Having now owned a couple of nice fuzz pedals, I have also really come to appreciate it as a tone shaping tool.


I never had a dislike for fuzz, I just didn't know what it what/know anything about pedals aside from staring at Boss pedals at my music store.
I was in Dublin in 2007, there was a commercial for a cider that had "A Minha Menina" by Os Mutantes in it. I'd never heard of Os Mutantes before and I had no idea how to figure out what that song was, but that super simple fuzzed out line just cracked my brain apart.
A few years later I was at a party and that song came on on someone's ipod and I screamed "Who is this!?!?"

Sometimes I miss not being able to instantly find anything on the internet.

For those unfamiliar:
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Years ago, I thought distortion pedals were what I needed , to get the sound in my head.

Then my older brother said "check this out".

It was a Black Russian Muff, in a wooden box.


And so began years of trying more fuzz pedals
then I care to remember.
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I had only tried Big Muff variants and couldn’t gel with them. An episode of That Pedal Show showed me that Fuzz Faces are much more up my alley. I still need to try a good germanium fuzz face, but the Hendrix mini silicon fuzz face I’m using now was a huge step in the right direction.

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Being in love with classic rock and oldies radio as a kid certainly didn't hurt. Neither did hitting adolescence during the ascent of alternative rock. When was it that didn't I love fuzz?


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Believe it or not, THE MOMENT for me came when I finished my BYOC Big Muff Clone a decade plus ago. Weird, but true.

I had never, ever bonded with fuzz in my first two decades playing guitar. In knew what fuzz sounded like on recordings, for the most part. In my head, it was Satisfaction, Spirit in the Sky, Hendrix, early Floyd, etc. Then, of course, the grunge era. But I never really got how to use them right.

I had been an amp dirt guy, with forays into OD and distortion pedals. For years, the only fuzz I owned were lame approximations in multi FX. But I bought a Prescription Electronics Yardbox in the mid-late ‘90s, because it was the Zeppelin I tone. Not into my Twin i5 wasn’t! So I sold it. I tried a Russian Muff in a guitar shop with a humbucker guitar into a clean amp in music shops. Hated it.

But once I started building pedal clones, I did that Muff. By then, I was a Pink Floyd fanatic. I knew DG used Muffs for the Animals to Wall era. And I had an understanding of how he did it. I played those first notes with my Strat into that clone and that tone was there! Man! I never remembered that Muff in the guitar shop in the ‘90s doing that. I was hooked.

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