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Jonny Hotnuts

I need help designing a bass!

I am about to finish a guitar I designed/built. I recently purchased a bass not only because I wanted one but also to use it as a model for denominational configuration/balance/layout to build my own bass(s).

Here is the guitar in guitar during build:



During the build I took recommendations from people on TGP for how I should approach different aspects. I intend to do the same for the design of the bass.
I will give credit to the peeps that present and idea or concept that I use for the build.

I have an insane supply of exotic woods at my disposal (no Brazilian RW however!). I was just sent a massive piece of 100+ year old Koa. I was mind f-ing myself that I should do a 1 piece bass with it, but considering I could realistically do 4-5+ guitar bodies from this section I cant bring myself to do it. I am highly considering using the koa as a body base with a very figured contrasting cap. Once the sides are profiled it will expose the base wood around the perimeter:


The koa in question:


THis is 5'X24"X2" old growth koa!

-This will be a 4 stringer for my first bass.

What I am asking from you at this stage is to post pictures of unique, attractive, functional bass designs. It doenst mean the whole bass needs to look right, but if there is a cool thing about a bass you like, please post it and say what it is you like about it. I dont want to copy any design but take the best ideas, refine them and make them into something really special.

Also if there are over utilized or 'played out' designs that are dominating common design let me know of things not to do as well.

So please post a pic of the coolest bass designs you know of!
Thanks for any suggestions!



THis is the Bromberg Special I just purchased. I will admit the thing is balanced nicely and is comfortable to sit with.


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