Your all-time favorite Country song


Tons of great responses - and a whole lot of things I would like to contribute - so many great songs...

I'll throw out an oddball but I do think this is nearly a perfect country song - both the song itself, the lyrics, the melody, as well as this performance which is a duet between Bruce Robison and his wife Kelly Willis, and the arrangement how it builds, the accordion, pedal steel, and the baritone guitar solo. Just brilliant. This was a big hit for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, and it is one of their and their kids favorite songs they've done for good reason ... just a classic. But I like Bruce and Kelly's version more (I'm a fan of both of them together and individually)

Thank you for posting this. I love this song, too. I first heard McGraw and Faith's cover and thought, "Wow, that's a real country song." It's very well produced and Tim delivered a great vocal on it.

But then I heard Bruce & Kelly's version and it broke my heart.

I cite the two versions of this song when I try to explain the differences between Nashville and Texas country music.


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I don’t think I have a favorite anything, whatever it might be I can probably think of others I like just as much, or in different ways that aren’t really comparable.

So for this I’ll go with one of my favorites, that I don’t think has been mentioned yet. Okay, two, see what I mean?


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Something by Hank Sr.

That guy was IT.

Just pure emotion poured out on a vinyl platter.

Love most old school country.

Waylon Willie Johnny and Merle.

But most all of it comes from Hank.

Pain and sorrow and story telling.


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Townies van Zandt's Pancho and Lefty, in all its forms: original, Emmy Lou, Hoyt Axton, Willie and Merle. Just a well crafted, heart tugging song.

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