YOUR "always on" pedal for a BETTER tone


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does the m293 add thickness like the ep? i have been looking at both
It does, but the low end isn’t quite as deep or pronounced which, for me, is a good thing actually as the EP had a tony bit too much bass for my taste. Other than that tough, when I turned up the EP circuit gain trimpot in the M293 and compared it to the EP it was pretty spot on to the EP Booster at 9v and maybe lacked just a bit of the depth compared to the EP Booster at 18v. I A/B’d them a good bit before deciding the M293 was going on the board.


Thanks for the feedback and the Starr to check out. I tried moving the Tim Pierce to the front of the line, but I missed the chime it was giving my other drive pedals. Having them after the TP, they suddenly sound dull. Strange pedal. The PowerAmp side doesn't seem like it does much, but I sure miss it when its turned off. I'm hooked. Played a gig yesterday and it was a struggle not to use it :)

I occasionally play restaurant gigs surrounded by tables that want conversational level music, not easy with a drummer, and one of my gigs they have a dB meter on the wall showing the bands volume! lol. So I know the low volume struggle.

yeah when I had mine towards the end that power amp was on almost all the time as a “better-izer”. When running it in front I actually don’t use the PA side the same way.., I set the gain really low, just enough to make me feel like a better player, and then I use a different MIAB for distortion, and occasionally THEN crank the power amp into that to push it harder.

That Belle Starr is a pretty phenomenal pedal, Drew and the Jackson audio people really really got it right with that one.

Tone chader

On this forum I often got very precious advice on which pedals to try before making a purchase with closed eyes, without first seeing what the alternatives were.

Despite all of us we have different amps and guitars and dozens of pedals, despite different musical tastes and different musical genres played, many users spoke of pedals that kept "always on" and that simply improved the overall tone of their gear.
From my last thread (in which I asked how to have a warm and vintage sound), various pedals emerged with HUGE acclaim.
That pedals are:
Klon (or a clone) Overdrive, Chase Tone Secret Preamp, Xotic Ep Booster, Diamond Compressor, Effectrode Fire Bottle Booster.

As you can see, different types of pedals, yet I was amazed at how, for each of them, dozens of TGP users agreed that they used at least one to "improve the overall tone", sayin' stuff like "this definitely makes everything sound better", "it's a special ingredient for a better tone".

I'm not asking you which is your favorite overdrive or the which one is the best delay on the market.
I'm asking to you which pedal you have always-on in your pedalboard and - in your opinion - gives you a nicer overall sound?

Have fun
The J Rockettes Archer makes everything better.


I have no pedals that are always ON. But I turn on pedals quite a bit. I like my straight to amp tone it's amazing, but also love some echo, some quivering vibe, or all out distorted chaos.

I do have amp reverb on all the time though, so if that wasn't already built into my amp it would have to be a pedal so there's that.


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ClinchFX EP-PRE.

EQ toggle up or down depending on the pickups I'm playing through. Never thought I'd have an always-on pedal but I always miss this pedal if I turn it off. Just makes things sound better.


I have no always on pedals except for my Morley volume pedal. My usually on pedal is either my Xotic SP compressor or JHS Morning Glory.


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My Diamond compressor set to very mild settings. It just does something that adds dimension to my tone. I miss it when it’s off.
Gonna echo the Diamond Comp … set it to around 9:00 and hardly ever touch it, the exception being when I want that really chimey thing with my Ric and then I'll goose it up to around 1:00 and dial the EQ a bit brighter.


Into my 82 jcm 800 2204 vertical input "low channel": My Xotic SP compressor switch set to Mid with a touch of boost with volume around 1 or 2 o'clock and compression on 10 o'clock -> sweet
If i need a little breakup: Greer lightspeed, volume 12, tone 1 and drive 1 o'clock -> more sweet


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It's probably been said (I didn't read the whole thread) but MT2 Metalzone works for me. I generally go light overdrive into heavy, so it's an MT2 set light, into an MT2 set heavy, with an MT2 at the end to put it over the top. My tele into Twin Reverb loves that...


I do get to wondering now and then, even though I too use a boost for tone/sound. Well actually lately been using it more for boosting solos but anyway...

The idea that some folks use a boost to get better sound, and also want a “transparent” boost really jumped out at me the other day. It’s a well known thing that if one wanted to demo two pedals, if you have one of them slightly louder it almost always (if otherwise close) is heard as sounding better.

So I’m thinking “wait a second. Since the boost is claimed by some to be able to get “that sound” at lower volumes, but since it boosts the signal you are BACK UP to a higher volume...wouldn’t you get the same thing if you just upped the amp volume? Im going to try it today. I mean I know when I hit the boost the sound comes alive, but that is because I’m thinking I want lower volume. If I turn the volume down to unity...not so much coming alive sound. I’ll see if that is so.

Kev O)))

I usually run a Centura with the gain somewhere between 8 and 10 o'clock. I find that it just adds a certain something to my overall tone.

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Tone Concepts Distillery for a while. Also depending on my mood, I have left a Catalinbread Zero Point Flanger on. If you are not actively "flanging" it the Zero Point adds a cool kinda flange kinda chorus sound.

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