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Your amp doesn't have reverb. You choose...

When I want reverb that my amp doesn't have, I use/would use:

  • A digital pedal

    Votes: 254 73.0%
  • An analog pedal

    Votes: 34 9.8%
  • A vintage or modern version of a physical/mechanical spring-reverb unit

    Votes: 50 14.4%
  • Danelectro Spring King or similar

    Votes: 8 2.3%
  • Other

    Votes: 26 7.5%

  • Total voters


Silver Supporting Member
Given I had the $$, I would choose a real spring reverb unit, either Fender or one of the after-market ones like Billy Zoom's Little Kahuna, Victoria, even the little Reverb-Mate.

However, I find my little affordable Surf Rider III is awesome, and feel no need for anything else.

Actually, the reverb on my Fender Super-sonic 22 isn't great (for some reason, it is NOT as awesome as the reverb on the PRRI/DRRI), and I PREFER the SurfRiderIII to the reverb on the amp...

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Chicago Slim

I have found that the MFX pedals, sound best to me. They both offer a larger choice of sounds, Spring Reverb, Plate Reverb, Room Reverb, Analog Delay, Tape Echo, etc. They also tend to have a lower noise floor, than individual pedals.

But, what you are used to tends to play a large part. I started with a Tweed amp, without any effects. Then after owning amps with a Spring Reverb, I would miss the effect. But I still liked the sound of the older Tweed amps, that didn't have Reverb. So, first I used the '60's Tape Echo and Drum Echo's. Next, I used Analog Delay's. I've owned Digital Delay pedals, but They tended to be noisier and less reliable.

My first choice would be an MFX pedal, with it's different Reverb's, Delays, Tape Echo, as well as the ability to add Tremolo, compression, EQ and overdrive, when needed.

Nigel Chapman

Sultana Swing
Page 6 and no mention of tube reverb?

I really love the TREX Room Mate, esp on LFO (mode 4, adds a little modulation). Needs 12v, and benefits from isolated power, but a beautifully smooth sound. I have v1 and v2 and use v1, since while v2 has more features, v1 is somehow exactly right to my ear. It also warms up a DI board sufficiently that I don't miss using an amp with it and saves me having a Kingsley Page on there for that purpose.


Jon C

Gold Supporting Member
I don't choose by category, I choose by sound and application.... a number of good reverb pedals around ...



I like the new Reverb.com pedal. When you dial in customer service, you get a 15 minute delay.
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Silver Supporting Member
Anyone build a Mojo Tone Reverb tank? I've thought about getting one as a project and was curious if anyone has any thoughts on how it sounds.


I use digital. Amp reverb, even the legendary Fender reverb, is limited in it's capabilities. Yes, it certainly is useful. However, a digital reverb has a broad spectrum of usefulness rivaling and even surpassing studio rackmount units. I like the variety. I like the tone. I like the fewer limitations.

For me reverb is one of those very few "always on" FX. I use a very light reverb to my rig because it gives the sound a sense of space and depth... a "larger" sound than just a dry amp. The better digital reverbs do so much more than any analog reverbs could ever dream of doing. Think of the Strymon Big Sky or Blue Sky. the Neunaber Wet, the new Source Audio Ventris which I just ordered. All produce incredible reverbs that analog can't even touch. Even the inexpensive digital reverbs like the TC Hall of Fame produce useful and stunning varieties of reverb. The Digitech Supernatural is another that is light years ahead of spring reverbs in what it can do beyond simple spring reverbs.

At this point for me there is no going back to the traditional spring reverb in an amp. Such a reverb is at best a bare basic backup if any other reverb pedal or rack processor ever failed. Yes, I know the surf guys and the rockabilly guys love them old spring reverbs. I don't. In every way and for almost every purpose I find digital reverb to be superior.


Silver Supporting Member
Ibanez AD-Mini analog delay ...IF I use it on my main board, and my bedroom gigs in stereo, ...Keeley 30 ms it IS all I will ever need :D


^ Same here. At least a touch of reverb is something I pretty much want all the time, except for after intense fuzz or some organ-emulation effects.

The spring ‘verb in my DRRI was atrocious. It went straight from nothing to surfing-on-the-moon. I’ve tried the Holy Grail, the BOSS FRV-1, and various analog and digital delays. The ultimate winner has been the Digitech Polara. A number of great styles, each with a wide range of tweakability. The spring is my personal fave.


Silver Supporting Member
I normally use delay (MXR Carbon Copy) - but...this weekend I used my Dr. Z Cure (doesn't have reverb) and ran a Keeley Hooke into it. Sounded very very good. Just the guitar, amp, and Hooke. Simple.


Anything that turns my signal into 0's and 1's is not good for me, so no digital.

Neither of my current amps have reverb and I don't miss it.


Platinum Supporting Member
I chose a Van Amps Reverbamate (Sole-mate) real spring Reverb pedal.
Yeah, the Van Amps sounds the most like an amp's reverb. If you want space-echo reverb or something crazy you want something else, but if you want to sound like a Fender's built-in reverb, the Sole-mate is the one.


Neunaber Wet or Hermida Reverb 3.

Eventide Space would be my next choice if I wanted more atmospheric sounds- but I haven't actually played one myself.

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