Your best/favorite wah wah pedal?


I've had a Zvex Wah Probe for about 18 years. Its not a traditional wah but its cool as heck. I can get fairly traditional sounds out of and of course fairly unique depending on if you use your foot or your hand. It uses an RF frequency to sense the water in your blood. :cool:
I have two favorites. One is definitely the ZVex Wah Probe. It is also my favorite of the Probe series. It's neat, because you can tweak it more than most basic wahs.

My other favorite is the Maestro Boomerang Wah. It is great for getting scratchy filtered 70s Krautrock sounds. If you want the sound of Neu, this is it! The only problems: It is highly susceptible to RF interference. All you will hear is local radio. It is likely nowhere near true bypass or noiseless, but, who cares. It's awesome.
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have a early 70's crybaby... carbon comp resistors and all... mojo inside... sounds pretty good. I've built a few and tried a few others but keep finding this one back in the mix. works for me anyway.


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I have five working wahs and one broken wah I have not yet fixed or thrown away. I don't use them that often, so it's obvious I have a serious problem.

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Both are great.

A very, very good sleeper wah? The first original run of 18v Dunlap 535Q. High headroom, very versatile, limited-to-no tone suck (for a Dunlap).


-Vox hardwired wah (a minus is the only battery thing) has nice range
- Buddy Guy cry baby. On the BG mode it seems to be a regular crybaby, but the Deep mode has a nice deep vocal.