Your best/favorite wah wah pedal?


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I'm using a Fulltone Clyde Deluxe for clean rhythm and that Hendrixy/Cream sound.
It won't do the tones we all know from later Hard Rock solos - you need a Cry Baby for this tones.
How has your experience been with the input and buffer level knobs?
Perhaps my ears were tired but I wasn't noticing a world of difference..


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I like the old dod volume wah since it can swap functions and it has a small footprint. Most times it serves as a volume swell.


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I’m still searching. Top of my list though is the Bonamassa wah, but I’m currently using an Xotic on my board. I know if I tweak it it’ll be great but right now it’s just ok.

Hoping to someday find the perfect one.
Finally opened up the wah and adjusted the internal dip switches and am really very happy with the sound now. Funny how a quick flick of the switch is all it took. Absolutely killer sounding wah now.


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About 7-8 years ago, I went to a store and had one of the salesmen line some wah pedals up for me. I can’t quite recall anymore which ones I tested. But I went home with a RMC8, the “Eqwahlizer”. It has a switch activated, active 5 band EQ, so there’s a lot of tweaking options.

I used it for many years. It currently sits in a box, as my pedal board got ridiculously large over the years. I use an expression pedal and an Eventide H9 for the few times I need a wah sound these days.
There are so many great wahs today. Dunlop offers a good variety. I personally love the Crybaby mini on vintage mode, I also like the GCB95 classic wah. You can Also buy vintage Crybaby wahs with TDK inductors very cheap but its a bit of hit or miss due to its age and how the previous owner/seller took care of it.
If you want to explore boutique ones the ff are really great

Teese RMC
Castledine wah
Sonus Grey Fox
MJM Ulysses
Oxbow Wah
Joe Gagan



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I have 2 CAE wahs, but I’ve never had a chance to play the boutique RMC, Gagan, etc. I’d love to, but have not seen them in the wild, and it’s a bit of a jump to just buy as I’m not the world’s hugest wah guy.

I’ve toyed multiple times with taking one of the Union Jack Voxes, gutting it and completely re-doing it with a replacement board, true bypass, and a led mod. Never pulled the trigger, tho.

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